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My name is Miklós Ónodi. I was born in 1967 at Pécs in Hungary. I’m living here, at the edge of the town, on the southern slope of Mecsek Mountain, so near the forest.

My childhood enthusiasm about nature caused several surprises for my family, by carrying home several snakes, frogs, giant spiders and other strange creatures.

In 1984 with the first set of gear started photography.

After few years I realized, I can learn more about the most interesting birds through a telescope, so photography, became only the tool to record my field observations. In the mid-90s, the result of newly acquired friends photography regained a primary role, but in the choice of theme birds still retained their special significance.

I have been guiding nature photography and birdwatching tours since 1995, mainly in the Mecsek and Villány-hills and on the Dráva-plain, sometimes on other sites of Hungary.

In 2002 my slr equipment changed owner by an unknown criminal.

Since July 2004 with the new technics and great impulsion I have been capturing living nature in front of my scope by digiscoping.

In January 2009 I’ve changed to dslr.













Canon EOS 7D MarkII

Canon EOS 50D



Sigma 150-600 f/5-6.3 C

Canon 70-200 f/4 L

Canon 100 f/2.8 Macro

Canon 17-40 f/4 L



Canon 430EX II


Memory cards:

Sandisk Ultra and Extreme



FalconEyes G1328, Manfrotto 055CLB and 679B

with UniqBall UBH 35 and Giotto’s MH1300 heads














Phone:  +36 30 3177103


E-mail: miklos.onodi (at)











This site is dedicated to the memory of my birding master, István Molnár (1917 - 2007).


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The use of all photos and contents on this webpage isn’t allowed without the permission of the photographer.



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